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Welcome to my blog

Keep up-to-date with the geotechnical adventures of A & I Geotechnical Ltd.


Please don't be shy to comment or share my posts as I will be exploring the daily struggles and pleasures of working out in the field.

By aigeoltd, Sep 2 2018 07:34PM

The promise of a blog entry has been out there for a while so its time I put my money where my mouth is! I've uploaded a few pictures from some sites I have been working on over the last few weeks for large sclae industrial and residential projects.

These sites have had a mix of standard window sampling, in situ testing such as Plate Loads, CBRs and infiltration tests and some subcontract shell and auger and rotary drilling. Geographically, I have been on every coast in Scotland and places in between. All in all its been a busy and eventful period.

Over the next few weeks I have a couple of trips to south east England. Having never made it past Birmingham with the rig so far I'm quite looking forward to it: not so much the drive though!

Now the ball is rolling with the blog I will be sure to keep it up!

By aigeoltd, Jul 31 2018 09:03PM

Well the new website is up and running (big thanks to Sian!) and it's looking great if I do say so myself! As for the blog: well that's all new to me as well. 2018 has been a productive and challenging year with some great developments and I'm hoping I can find the time to update this regularly. Photos will follow!

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